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Freshen up your home for the new year

With the new year well and truly up and running it provides a great opportunity to for a fresh start both for one as an individual but also for your home.
After Christmas, the taking down and packing up of decorations can often make your home feel bare and unhomely. What is needed, therefore, is a makeover (or simply a fresh outlook) to revitalise and freshen up your home and say HELLO to the New Year.
Thankfully this processes needn’t be expensive nor time consuming, sometimes it’s in the simplest of methods that pack the biggest punch.

1. De-clutter
No matter how hard one tries, often the lack of time in the day, and the lack of energy leads to your home becoming more cluttered by the week. It is only when a good tidy up has been done, say one Saturday, that you realise the scale of mess that had accumulated. The start of the new year is a perfect time to address this. Start by clearing everything you deem unnecessary and visually wrong (it’s important you adopt the most critical eye at this stage, it’s not the time to become sentimental).

2. Re-arrange
Once you have a tidy room, the next tip is to think openly and creatively about the position of furniture pieces and ornaments. We become so used to the particular layout of a room that it in fact ceases to become appealing and inviting. Furniture could be brought in from other rooms to further enhance the space. Experiment, be creative, and have fun in moving arm chairs to other parts f the room or moving the settee in front of the adjacent wall, and so on. What is certain about this exercise is it will provide you with a much needed visual change – it can feel as if you have a new room.

3. Paint it / wallpaper it
Whether simply touching up or completely re-decorating your walls, changing the paint colours for your rooms is a brilliant way to freshen up and re-vitalise rooms that previously were drab and dead.
Neutral hues and grey’s are very much the go to choice for clients at the moment. They’re safe colours in that they complement many existing interior schemes but are also effective in achieving a specific genre that one may wish to achieve.
Equally, the effect of a new lick of paint can also be achieved and improved through the use of wallpaper. Companies these days have an array of various colours and textures that will simply blow your mind and more importantly provide you with that more sophisticated look.

4. The finer details
It is in the finer details that we receive most pleasure from. Freshening up your home needn’t be taxing or arduous, in fact, adding small sentiments such as flower arrangements can be just what is required. Flowers, for instance, provide both visual charm as well as wonderful fragrance.
This is something we do often – it makes the world of difference!

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