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Why do you need an Interior designer?



1. Saves time

Time, time, time. Where does it all go? It’s no myth that time is the most precious commodity there is and so opportunities to save time are like nuggets of gold in a wash-pit of soil – they’re rare.  Designing, organising, and project managing often consumes a great deal of time particularly for those who are inexperienced, per se.  An Interior designer on the other hand has to be the most efficient at saving time – it’s there job. Hiring a designer will allow for a steady workflow and on-time completion that rarely requires your time or invested anxiousness.



2. Contacts and tradespeople

To be successful as an Interior designer, they’d have to have built up a reliable, broad ranging, selection of high quality staff and suppliers.  We’ve all been let down by a builder or had a plumber not turn up when they have said they would, for whatever reasons it happens. With an Interior designers’ team, there has already been a build up of trust and loyalty between the team, (as often an Interior designer has given these workers a large amount of work) which means that all involved will seek to provide the highest quality of work as possible in order to safeguard further work in the future.    Having a project manager to organise all of the trades and the schedule of work is, at least, able to free up your time and energy – this can’t be a bad thing.

Chris Lacroix

3. Set a budget

The most common misconception about Interior designers is that they cost a fortune and provide a service which is deemed a luxury and not a necessity.  This couldn’t be father from the truth.

Believe it or not, an interior designer will save you money!

The advice that is given is made not only to enhance your living spaces but also to make the transformation as cost effective as possible. Its part of our mission that’s for sure.

The greatest expense you’ll potentially face is the costly mistakes made without the consultation from an Interior designer.  The schemes and overall look that we seek to forge should be unique and timeless which should mean that you can live in luxurious interiors that last for many years. As well as timeless schemes, Interior designers also work well with budgets, and so creating a budget will provide you with security as well as giving the designer a clear idea on what to work with.


Room set

4. Suppliers and products

At The Interior Studio, we supply hundreds of leading suppliers in the world of Interiors, From luxurious embroidered fabrics by Pierre Frey,  stylish vinyl wallpapers by Zoffany, glass curtain pole finials by Walcot house, to some of the best handmade furniture in the UK from Kingcombe Sofas.   The sheer number of products that we supply allows us to cater for the needs of clients in search for as little as scented candles and paint, to being able to complete full Interior design commissions of both domestic and commercial grade.

It’s not just about the amount of products an Interior designer provides, but just as importantly, the way they can select the best products to suit the exact needs you have.  Quite often clients come into our showroom and specify an interest in a ‘Soft fabric in blue’ or ‘We’re looking for curtains to go into our lounge, and like the colour red’ etc. which requires decisive knowledge of what our companies can provide that would best suit the specified needs of the client…  It’s a tough job sometimes!

So therefore, the amount of suppliers and products, accompanied with the precise knowledge from a designer, is what makes Interior designers highly sought after.



5. Specialist knowledge

Leading on from the point that was alluded to just then about the specialist, precise knowledge Interior designers have, it is important to point out that this has taken years of training and experience to achieve.       Interior designers have the aesthetic, practical and technical expertise to provide you with schemes that are attractive, comfortable and functional.  A designer can, and will, listen to your desires and queries; responding to them with focused suggestions and solutions that’ll avoid any costly design mistakes, and more importantly create for a home that suits your lifestyle needs and the added luxury we all love.



These are just 5 reasons why hiring an Interior designer can benefit you. Saving time, as we’ve learnt, can be most efficiently done when one is specialised in the jobs they are doing. Specialist knowledge can only come from a person or business devoted to the particular area in which they are specialists in, and the quality of workmen and promptness in time and budget can only be achieved through experience and loyalty between the designer and his/her team.     If you’d like to hire an Interior designer then CLICK HERE to learn how you can.

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