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Crivelli wallpaper

Zoffany Damask wallpaper collection 2017

Zoffany’s latest contribution to the interior design world comes in the form of a wallpaper collection range entitled ‘Damask wallpapers’. This re-introduction of the Damask range from Zoffany is testament to the long-standing and timeless heritage designs from a company which only came to life in 1980.

The Interior studio has been a stockist of Zoffany for nearly all of those years and we have found great demand in these historically referenced designs.

We are excited about Zoffany’s latest range of Damask wallpapers because of the successful way it merges together historical patterns with modern hues. Re-introducing ‘provenance and artistry into the interior design world’, Zoffany have produced a stunning range of wallpapers.


There are 8 designs to the Damask range and 48 colourways to choose from.

Beauvais wallpaper
Beauvais wallpaper in scene
Brocatello wallpaper
Crivelli wallpaper
Malmaison wallpaper
Pomegranate wallpaper
Strie wallpaper
Tours wallapaper
Vilandrie wallpaper

The personal favourites of The Interior studio are the Malmaison, Pomegranate, and Beauvais designs.

Malmaison in all colourways

Malmaison portrays motifs of fruit and foliage. This wallpaper design presents a series of large bouquets of fruit and foliage that look seemingly like crowns and crown jewels. The scale of the main pattern adds grandeur and relates well to the style of wallpaper that existed in the luxurious dwelling in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Malmaison wallpaper

Due to the scale of the pattern, Malmaison warrants a large space and volume to work in. Thus, Malmaison would be perfect for use within drawing rooms, entrance halls, and reception rooms.

Scale is important and its large pattern must correlate to the scale of the room it is used in. The style is not as important as the scale of the zone it is used within, for Malmaison is so classic and luxurious, any space that Malmaison is used within will benefit enormously.

Pomegranate in Vesuvius colourway

‘Pomegranate’ in Vesuvius is the personal favourite of Suzanne Stuart-Banks (Head designer) at The Interior Studio. The striking depth of colour combined with such ‘luxury in design’ makes this option perfect for reception rooms – where it can impress – and have guests feel as though they are royalty.

Pomegranates were status symbols in the 17th-18th century, as such exotic fruits were only found and imported by wealthy aristocracy due to their rarity. This is why one will often see trophies and estate driveway entrances have large Pineapples as symbols – for instance the Tennis Gentlemen’s singles trophy which features a pineapple on the top.

Pomegranate wallpaper

Beauvais in Taylors grey

Understated and elegant, Beauvais in Taylors grey colourway is simply beautiful. The floral pattern is so evocative of the french setting that is was inspired by – one can even start to smell its delicate petals. Taylors Grey colourway is a choice that would work so effortlessly within calmer settings such as bedrooms.

Beauvais wallpaper in scene

The design has a silk background effect which adds to the perception of a soft texture and tranquility.



The Damask wallpaper range, then, is effortless and sophisticated. The association to the 18th and 19th century styles that Zoffany as a company were founded upon and inspired by in 1980 are evident in this range.

It is not hard to know of how one can use all of these styles within Interior design projects, and it certainly inspires us to seek out the next opportunity to use them.  We have our favourites within the range just as our clients will.

The Interior Studio has the full range and can order any quantity for clients seeking a luxurious yet sophisticated makeover. Contact us today to order cuttings or seek design advice. Appointments can be made with Suzanne here.

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