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4 ways to make your living spaces cosy this winter

The cold season has well and truly begun and so it is important to create the right mood and cosy feel for the living spaces that you’ll be using most this winter. We have compiled 4 simple tips on how you can easily create that ambiance today.

Log burning fire

Log burning fire

1. Warm-up; light a fire.

Turning up your heating and using other heat sources such as open fires or log burners are winning solutions to ameliorating your well-being and enjoyment of a room. The contrary can be said to cause discomfort and displeasure, so warming up the rooms you use most will be sure to create the cosy feel we all desire at this time of year.

Red-Tartan-and-Chunky-Knit-Throw-Living-Room-Country-Homes-and-Interiors-HousetohomeChunky throws

2. Snuggle up.

Draping your sofa with warm knitted throws, such as designer’s guilds’ throws, will give immediate comfort and warmth for times of reading or when simply watching television. Having comforting soft furnishings and throws will keep you all snuggled up and warm this winter.

Candle lit living roomCandle lit living room

3. Mood lighting.

One of the most understated forms of lighting is in fact candle light. The soft flickering style of natural light that it provides is perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere. Whether a single church candle to elegantly burn brightly, or a cluster of tea-lights to soften the space, you can be sure in knowing that candle light will go the distance in the pursuit of cosiness.

thick-curtains-on-the-window-945x745Thick curtains

4. Thick curtains.

Not everyone is a fan of thick long interlined curtains; however, there is no doubt that curtains effectively envelop the living room creating an intimacy and improved privacy for you at home. They work equally as well at keeping the heat in the room rather than it being lost through windows via thin window dressings. We provide hand-made curtains by expert seamstresses that are tailored to your needs. The bespoke nature of our curtains ensures that there is flexibility in choice and maximum satisfaction.
If you would like to find out more, or have any questions, then do not hesitate to get in touch today!


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