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Appeal to all 5 senses this Christmas


Christmas is very much a time spent with friends and family, and if you’re hosting Christmas this year it is vital to make your home a wonderful place to be.  To do this you have to appeal to all senses, those being, smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight.   Here are our top tips on the best ways to appeal to all sense this Christmas.

#1 Potpourri

Smell is the most sensitive of the senses. People can remember smells with 65% accuracy after a year, while visual recall is about 50% after three months. Interesting…

Adding potpourri to your rooms will give that instant pleasurable first impression when family and friends walk in. Cinnamon, orange, pinecone and eucalyptus are a perfect combination at this time of year.










#2 de-clutter and use candle-light

Sight is the main sense we rely on and use most in our daily lives so how we present ourselves and our homes can have a large effect on how other people feel. At Christmas it’s all about setting the right ambiance and atmosphere. With the evenings drawing in early it is important that the lighting of a home is conducive for relaxation.  Candle-light has to be a winner in this case, for It’s warm yellow flickering light will perfectly produce the perfect pitch for light evening entertainment.

De-cluttering your rooms is an understated but vital task that must be also done. It shows first and foremost your willingness to make your home hospitable to guests but also it creates visually more room.  Get rid of remnant accessories or soft furnishings that either aren’t appropriate or do not contribute to the theme you want to achieve this Christmas.










#3 Fury soft furnishings

Making your home sumptuously comfortable by adding a scattering of soft fury cushions will just give that homeliness feel we all so desire at Christmas. Soft wool throws draped on your sofa is also a perfect addition to any living space, allowing for snuggling up later on in the evening.

D & G Throw











#4 music

Music at Christmas is like stuffing with a roast; they’re inseparable!   Having in the background, light festive music is important to create the perfect atmosphere that’ll put everyone at ease.










So what’s left? You’re home smells wonderful, the scene has been lit by candle-light , you’re warm and comfortable and there’s a pleasant background track of our favourite Christmas classics.    The only thing left really to ensure is the satisfaction of our remaining sense; taste. However this really is something we can’t help as well with, BUT we have just the man who CAN help:

Happy Christmas! x

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