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Why you should consider re-upholstery

Re-upholstery can save you hundreds of pounds!

Tired, out-of-date, and damaged furniture would normally be written off by their owners, incurring them a large cost in purchasing new pieces. However, something that should be considered is to have your tired, incumbent furniture, restored and re-upholstered.
This process involves the stripping back of your furniture to its skeletal base, and then re-building it back to the form you so desire. Our master upholsterers use dedicated tools and techniques to determine the shape and comfort of the padding, as well as ensuring the materials’ pattern matches and flows perfectly throughout the furniture piece. We take great care in sourcing the most appropriate springs, stuffing, material, trims and stitching that work best. All our re-upholstery abides by the latest fire and safety regulations 2014.
Re-upholstery is an ideal solution to transforming your rooms at relatively low cost. The main advantage, however, arises is in the fact that certain furniture pieces have sentimental value. Heir looms passed down can’t be simply thrown away, and so restoring and re-upholstering such pieces would revive and ultimately give renewed pleasure and enjoyment to use them.
The extensive choice of fabrics and materials one can find at The Interior Studio means that all styles, patterns and colours can be met and applied to any piece of upholstery; essentially creating your own bespoke sofa or chair at the fraction of the cost without compromising on the material quality or design. Our interior designer will guide you through the best solutions.
If you have any questions or enquiries regarding upholstery, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we can help you with the next stages.


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