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Ralph Lauren and William Yeoward brand ambassadors

This week we proudly became brand ambassadors for both William Yeoward and Ralph Lauren Home for the South West.


Fundamentally, we are passionate about these companies and their products, and our knowledge and understanding of their collections reflect such enthusiasm. As representatives, we have an extensive library of all collections produced by Ralph Lauren, and William Yeoward respectively, providing a detailed and diverse range of choices and schemes for all genres that our clients may desire.


The main reason we are excited to become brand ambassadors, is not just because of their unrelenting passion for design, or because of their established image as leaders in the interior world. Rather, we are proud of what Ralph Lauren and William Yeoward seek to achieve and have achieved, namely, high quality products for the home appealing and suitable to all generations and styles.

There is so much versatility with their fabrics and so working with them is such a joy. Whether it’s for historic homes, marine residents or contemporary appartments, all have a collection that work excellently.


Characteristically, both brands nod to a more nautical notion, portrayed beautifully through the colours and patterns they use.

Ralph Lauren oozes class, confidence and sophistication that is simply timeless. Meanwhile, William Yeoward styles towards a more creative and free-flowing approach to his design, cleverly collaborating traditional with more modern patterns which combine to produce excellent collections.


We are privileged to become brand ambassadors, and with this privilege comes a responsibility to showcase the companies to their best; and it is this very challenge that we are eager to succeed in.

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