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Zoffany New collection


Window dressings



The collection of Constantina Damask Weaves comprise designs of floral and geometric patterns which sit on a backdrop of elegant hues to give a suitable contrast of design. Zoffany have described this collection as being, “for classic and contemporary interiors” and claim that the “…new ultra-modern silky yarns are woven and finished using traditional looms and methods with fabulous results.”.

All the weaves within this book are great, however, if we were pushed for a favourite we’d have to select ‘Katrina’. In all its colours of ‘Ink’ and ‘Silver’ ‘Aqua’ and ‘pearl‘, it showcases a fine and sophisticated design which looks perfect when used for curtains.


Cassia Weaves is less demanding than ‘Constantina Damask Weaves’ and instead uses small scale patterns which Zoffany maintain are inspired, in part, by the east.  The fabrics’ subtle, organic textures are inter-woven with sumptuous silk to give not only the smooth, soft feel, but also to generate a playful reflectivity to the fabrics; creating “an atmosphere of minimal luxury”.

You’ll be pleased to know that all of these fabrics are of curtain weight and in the case of Farfalla can be used for upholstery as well.



“A masterpiece of classic contemporary creation!”

The Damask wallpapers are a wonderful innovation, and personally, it is the wallpapers that I favour most from the whole collection.   The contemporary, yet sophisticated and mature designs work perfectly in classic spaces, such as town house hallways and regency dining rooms. Equally, the appropriate colour-ways would make this collection a must for any contemporary home looking for that edge of class they’ve been searching for.


Haddon weaves are clearly an elegant mix of upholstery weight damasks and smaller scale jacquards. The relaxed linens and cottons create a soft feel and, when dyed using the latest basket dyeing techniques, create a wonderful even range of colours to complement the designs.


The Cascade Vinyl Wallpaper book presents some light soothing designs that have a refined edge to them. My personal Favourite within this book is the Arbour collection of vinyl wallpapers. The natural form it showcases is beautiful and the overall effect it gives is striking.

Here’s how Zoffany describes this collection:

“Continuing the success of Zoffany’s textured vinyl wall covering range, Cascade Vinyl Wallpapers are inspired by natural, organic forms. Further pushing innovation, these patterns are printing on paste the wall wallpaper bases, allowing for heavier embosses and combined with metallic inks to create great relief and reflective plays of light.”




Zoffany have created an excellent collection and should be very proud. We’re thrilled with the new collection here at The Interior Studio, and if you too are interested in the range and would like to have more information and/or come and see it for yourself, then you can do so by visiting us, or by contacting the showroom.

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